Hi guys!
Interesting topic right??? Well, maybe not so much. So maybe next time I’d remember to never go to just any salon. Ever since I stopped relaxing my hair in 2014, I’ve been to the salon only 3 times till date but some days ago I had a terrible salon experience so far(this has to be the worst)

I have a very tender scalp so I’m not one to jump at every opportunity to have someone make my hair. I had something to do with the salon owner a while ago and I remember precisely that she bragged about natural hair and how informed she was about it. To be very honest, I was really encouraged.
I made plans to have a change of hairstyle for an event, on this fateful day I was excited to have an “informed person” pamper my mane. I got to the salon and first asked for my hair to be washed. Of course, I went with my products and every little thing I possibly thought would be needed.

I was honestly very patient during the wash process. She put too much shampoo in my hair but of course I thought just maybe she had her own technique and then immediately she put the conditioner on my hair she attempted to put a comb through it. My thoughts were “what are you doing?”, I immediately told her to try to detangle it without a comb but she obviously had a difficulty with that so I thought maybe she’d detangle it after.
The time to finally braid my hair came and she did not have any plans to detangle my hair, I took it upon myself to fully detangle my hair because I had already wasted a lot of time there. She started from my nape and it was not so painful but as soon as she got to the next layer, she started complaining about my hair and how it was too thick and long, she said she did not expect my hair to be this thick. 

The process was beginning to hurt a lot and I just could not bear it anymore. I told her to take a break and it was during the break that this woman vexed my spirit. All of a sudden, the supposed expert started advising me to relax my hair or perhaps texlax it just for her to braid it. She even suggested to stretch it with dry heat, it was then I decided for the hair she had done to be taken out.

Worst part of it all was, I loosened the hair myself and still paid in full.
Well, I think I’ve learnt and now I know better than to go to just any salon. Till I find a good salon, I’ll keep on making my hair myself and wearing wigs

P.S: The hair in each of the pictures is a wig.

Ever had a terrible salon experience? Would you rather have someone make your hair? Or would you rather be like me and make your hair yourself? I’d love to hear your response.

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