Hey guys!

I won’t even try to give any excuse as to why I haven’t been constant on here (things happen)  I got asked about my wash day in this post on natural hair care and I’ll briefly share one of my washdays

I had a weave installed for about 3 weeks(a month is the longest I can actually go) and I had just been too lazy to do anything to my real hair. By the time I was loosening the cornrows I had a lot of tangles. So I decided to prepoo first.

Hair loss after detangling
Hair twisted after prepooing and detangling

Prepoo is what you do to your hair before washing. So I used an oil mix my friend made for me(shout out to Ebube). The oil mix comprises of curry, almond oil, coconut oil and rosemary oil. Then I finger detangled my hair and put a nylon over it and went to bed
The next morning I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo because I haven’t washed my hair in a long while. A clarifying shampoo has sulphate in it(and I’m sure you know it strips the hair of its natural oils) I wanted my hair to be really clean and that’s why I used it

Next I deep conditioned to help restore any shine and moisture the shampoo might have stripped off and tied a turban and went to class

After deep conditioning

Later that day, I rinsed off the conditioner, moisturized my hair and sealed it with oil and put it in a bun for the week.

My pineapple

Clarifying shampoo: Pantene shampoo

Deep conditioner: Wenaturals conditioner

Leave in: Shanyi organics

Oil: Argan oil

I hope this answers some of your question about my wash day.

What’s your washday like? I’d love to hear about yours and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Xoxo, Pribodunke💕