Hey Hey!

Happy New Month, everyone!

I’m so glad we’re finally in February and I really can’t wait to resume school and just enjoy it, lol. This post is dedicated to those of you who’d be out on Valentines Day. Also, I had an opportunity to collaborate with Tonye Igbani

This collaboration could have taken place earlier but there’s been a lot of stuff happening. There was a lot of drama for me on this day. Firstly, I almost forgot to collect my change from the bus driver, then I almost got hit by a motorcycle on Yaba Road (please why is that place so busy?) then the tyre of the bus burst abrubtly. My face was already in a mess by the time I saw Tonye, whom I was keeping waiting. I was actually expecting some funny accent from her, but trust me, she turned out to be a very humble and down-to-earth person. Sometimes, we just have a particular view about certain persons when you see them from a distance.

The white outfit was actually a coincidence. And I love Tonye’s jumpsuit, but unfortunately, we don’t wear the same size.

This collaboration was so much fun. We were both stressed out but because Tonye knows how to turn every moment around, we aced it, right?
Now, to my outfit.


Dress: Random store

Shoes: houseofdebola

Bag: Tonye’s

Earrings: here

Check out Tonye’s blog to find out about her outfit detail

P.S: I’m proud to say that’s all my hair, I stretched it using the African threading method.

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Xoxo, Pribodunke💕