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Happy Sunday.
I’m sure you’re wondering what my post title is all about. Well, I’d just like to share some of my experiences as a Nigerian. My stay in South Africa opened my eyes to a lot of things about discrimination which was actually a new experience. It’s very funny how the singular act of one person or a group of people can actually put a stench to the whole country or tribe.

Scenario 1: I was at a party where there were only two Nigerians, and so I began conversing with some guys of different nationalities. The first guy I spoke with asked if I did drugs just because I’m Nigerian. It was a really dumb question to me, but of course, I replied and told him how not all Nigerians are drug dealers. The second guy asked the same thing but was more polite and we both agreed that although some do it, certainly not all do it.

Scenario 2: I was at a store to buy stuff and I tried not to speak with the Nigerian accent but the one time I slipped, the cashier instantly became so rude and was actually like that just because I was Nigerian. I mean, she was nice to those who were with me but just not me. Why?
Scenario 3: Immediately I stepped into the country and was at the entry point, the immigration officer was also very rude. “Do only that which you came for and don’t violate our rules,” he said rudely, who does that? I’m pretty sure not everyone gets that treatment.

My questions are: Why? Why? Why?

Why do some Nigerians tarnish the image of this country?
Why so much stigmatisation?
Why can’t I be treated normally?
I’m Nigerian not a second class citizen.
Have you ever been stigmatised? Ever had to claim another nationality just because of what some people have portrayed your country to be?
I’d like to know your thoughts. Just comment in the Comment Section below.

P.S: Not all South Africans have this mentality, I met some other awesome South African. 

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