Hello guys!

How are you doing?

I trust you’re well and fine. I really can’t believe we are in the third week of the new year and so far it’s been good. And this is my first style post in 2017 *drum rolls*. Remember I said I’d be wearing more neutral colours and soft colours(here) this year.

(This is totally my expression when people start saying things that’s not my business)

Part of my 2017 goals was to love unconditionally even if I don’t get the same treatment, it’s not been easy… I’ve given so many excuses for people just to love them and I just smile and let it go. I’d agree some can almost make a man go nuts but who am I not to love? This just makes me realize how unfathomable God’s love for us is because I know God still loves me unconditionally when I “mess up”.

What are you thoughts on neutral and soft colours? Have you ever had to pretend all is well and just smile? Have you ever loved and it wasn’t reciprocated? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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Xoxo, Pribodunke💕