Hey guys!

How’re you all doing? Enjoying the last days in 2016?

Today’s post is dedicated majorly to my hair, I’ve been asked a couple of times what I do to my hair and what better time to share than now. So I’ll be sharing some tips that I believe would help someone on their hair journey.

1) You don’t have to comb your hair everyday. I try to comb my hair once in a week when I have my hair out, I noticed that I get the same result when I comb my hair everyday and when I comb it every week.

2) When you need to comb your hair please make sure you have loads of conditioner in your hair. I never comb my hair when dry, if you want more slip first add coconut oil and then the conditioner and then heat your hair for a while and then comb. That would be a lot easier.

3) Please note that the rate at which your hair grows is not determined by how much products you have or use. When I first started this journey, I had a whole lot of products and I read so much I got so confused at some point and I decided to take a break from all the products I had and it worked out so well for me. Right now my staple products are: 

*ordinary water


*oil, cocoa butter and Shea butter

*a steam cap

*a wide tooth comb

4) Don’t ever compare your hair with the other person’s. Its YOUR journey not our journey, please don’t be deceived by all the hair you see on social media there’s something called natural hair clip-in,lol

5) Please sleep with a silk or satin bonnet or pillow case. It sure pays because the moisture in your hair doesn’t dry out

6) Swap your towel for a T-shirt. The T-shirt is milder on your hair than the towel.

7) When you have your hair in protective styles, please do not neglect your hair. The weave or whatever it is comes off after a while but you still have your hair so please take care of that hair.

8) Trim your ends often, split ends do not do well to your hair.

9) Take pictures, this helps to encourage you 

10) Finally, it’s your hair have fun with it. 

I hope this was helpful. If you still have any questions, please drop them in the comment box below. Is your hair natural? What tips would you give me? What do you think someone would benefit from?

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Xoxo, Pribodunke💕