Hey guys!

How are you all doing?

The blog title was suggested by my awesome cousin Esther, I ran out of ideas. Sunny side according to her is the name of a cartoon and also in toy story(the name of the crèche).

Sunny side is the name of a street in Pretoria where there are lots of Nigerians, lol. It was also very sunny this day so i can get away with this title.

 This day I went out with my family and I just wanted to be comfortable. Not everyday fancy clothes sometimes comfort comes first but I’d love to wear this everyday but its sad I can’t wear to my department.

Haven’t you ever wondered where all the awesome people here on earth are? well I stole one of them and she’s got me the joggers(she’s wonderful)

My wonderful family thought I wore this because of the blog (its awesome when I get comments from them which is all the time), so I decided to put it up.


Top: from Mum

Joggers: Gift

Shirt: Brother’s 

Shoes: Pierre Cardin

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Xoxo, Pribodunke💕