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The weekend is here,whoop whoop!!!

I’m on vacation and in South Africa at the moment and its going pretty well… I’ll document my thoughts about this place very soon. But what’s the holiday without exploring? That’d be boring,right?

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Okay, so I went downtown yesterday and my God! poverty is everywhere o. Before I went I had been warned not to take my phone or any gadget because people tend to get robbed in broad day light with a knife or a gun(I wish I took pictures or something though)

I took a bus with family there and as soon as we arrived there I just knew this had to be the place. The place looked like Balogun market in Lagos because of the crowd. 

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 It seemed everyone here just knew how to lit the cigarette and smoke whatever. I temporarily became a secondary smoker by inhaling everything they were smoking. 

Somewhere in my head I thought poverty only existed in a selected part, trust me poverty is everywhere. I saw homeless people who wore torn and dirty clothes (I sincerely felt like handing them a note but I was warned in order not to get robber). I saw someone with claws and he also had the waiter’s tip syndrome (you’ll understand this if you’re a medical student or you could just look it up). 

I honestly started feeling very discomforting at some point and I just couldn’t run back home. It was so sad to see babies hungry and crying and there was no one to breastfeed them just yoghurt to feed them, yoghurt,really???

I heard the homeless ones can’t even get jobs because they don’t have any form of identification (there are other reasons too), for this reason I’m glad I’m Nigerian because people can still work irrespective of whether they have a form of identification or not. So these homeless ones result to stealing and the likes. Tonye also has something similar on her blog (check here)

My heart is still very heavy whenever I think of the images in my mind. And I’ll so love to alleviate poverty in any way I can.

Every been downtown in any country? If yes, what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you guys.

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