Hey guys! 

Happy New month! 

I’m so excited because Christmas is almost here. The week is just halfway done and I’m eagerly waiting for this week to be over. My exams have been wonderful. Is it just me or exams make you trust God more? Someone said trust is greater than faith.  I don’t believe that. Because Christ dwells in my heart through faith. What are your thoughts guys? ”

Just in case you’re wondering what the post title is all about… I just love the way the colours seem to pop.

This month of November has been awesome, from my thirst for God to the wonderful people He has put around me who constantly encourage me whenever I want to lose hope.

So many things have happened, disappointments turned out to be blessings. So many doors have been opened and I’m just and still in awe of this amazing God. 

Even as I write this post I’m so full of Joy because I’m so sure December has so many awesome things to offer

I also discovered my look alike(twin sister) all the way from Texas. You’ll definitely hear about her soon. 

So to my outfit, I still haven’t been ‘healed’from the off-the-shoulder trend. I saw this top in my sister’s wardrobe and I just made it a gift from her to me, lol. The skirt was a gift from one of my Aunts and I’m super grateful to her for this skirt(my mom still doesn’t like this) I still wish the skirt was fuller😆


Top: Gift

Skirt: Gift

Bag: Mum’s closet

Earrings :Chez Jumelle

What are your thoughts about this outfit? I’d love to hear your comments. May this Christmas be the best of them so far. 

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Xoxo, Pribodunke💕