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Happy Sunday.

I’d forever be grateful to people who always look out for me. Anyways I’ve always wanted to post this but exam preparation is ongoing, I really can’t believe Donald Trump won, I was up that night till I knew what was happening . Was I terrified, oh yeah I was and devastated but I still wonder how or why people would vote for him I mean I’d vote Hillary over and over again.

Lmao at people being shocked, as if we don’t know what it means to be a white man in this world. And what racism looks and acts like. And how it protects itself. And how shook it has become, with relatively greater visibility of PoCs. And also that the WSCP will never allow a woman to become an actual, true head of anything like this. Those of you who stan for the patriarchy, talmbout the man is the head of- should not be surprised. This is your world. Lmao.

Maybe it is time for the empire to crumble? Fingers crossed. But probably not”.   
My cousin posted that and I kind of agree to that. Even though I don’t live in the U.S trust me a lot of other countries depend on the U.S and a man who talks without thinking is actually not the best candidate, I mean is that how he’ll start to make decisions that’ll affect the whole world? I’ve seen so many tweets on Twitter(you can follow me here) of people using the hash tag “he’s not my president”. Well he’s definitely not mine but ‘Biko’ if you live in the States it’s best you come to this reality. I know blacks that were actually crying just because Donald Trump is now the PRESIDENT. 

I’ll just like to encourage people that have a problem with this fact. The truth is if it wasn’t God’s will for him to win no matter the votes or whatever, God won’t have put him in power. So now he is in power and trust me the only thing we can do as Christians is to hope the best of him, that’s what 1Cor13 says “love hopes all thing”. I am a Christ-like being and I am love too. So I’ll hope the best of this man.

LET EVERY person be loyally subject to the governing (civil) authorities. For there is no authority except from God [by His permission, His sanction], and those that exist do so by God’s appointment. Romans 13:1

And trust me God’s plan isn’t for us to be oppressed, so hope the best and you can start to confess what you want to see in America and trust me this things will definitely come to pass. There is power in the tongue and we are also Prophets of our lives.

Donald Trump might be President but JESUS is still king”.

I trust this will encourage someone.

Have an awesome week.

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